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Call Center Services

NLogix call center is well equipped to handle large volume telephonic customer requests for a client in a single facility. The contact center mainly routes communications through telephone conversations along with handling customer interactions through live chatting sessions, emails.

We have 6 years of high quality experience in serving the international inbound (HEALTHCARE/Medicaid) call center clients & NLogix provides call center services such as Sales and customer acquisition; technical support/helpdesk services; multi-channel support; customer care and more. NLogix has been proved to be one of the most successful customers serving firm in the BPO sector. We believe that the centralized customer satisfaction is what kept us competitive in the market.

NLogix has massive amount of educated and skilled professionals, enabling you to reap the rewards of top talent without paying the high price. And when it comes to cutting-edge technologies and software development, we have the IT infrastructure that meets the needs of today’s fast-paced business world. Partnering us helps clients to focus on their core business functions and profitability, while we effectively manage their call centre, customer relationship, market research and several other business management functions. Hiring us as your preferred outsourced call centre partner offers multiple benefits in terms of quality/productivity/revenue etc. By availing our call center services, you can be assured of continuous support from our talented team round-the-clock 24/7, throughout the year.


• Convenient customer access to the services required
• A positive experience from operators skilled in providing telephone services
• Accurate and appropriate responses
• High level of customer satisfaction
• Improved efficiency
• Monitor performance
• Medicaid insurance eligibility inquiry services
• Technical Trouble shooting Services
• Insurance claims processing services
• Appointment scheduling services to Medicaid patients
• Customer help desk services
• E-mail support services
• Handling requests
• Inquiry Handling
• Customer Care

Benefits of Call Center Outsourcing

If you are interested in saving your valuable time and productive resources, then outsourcing your call center services to NLogix is the best choice.


  • Cost Saving: Through our expertise in the call center industry, we help our clients find the most cost effective solution. Our only goal is establishing successful, long term relationships – so we have the ability to help you find the best combination of quality service and price.
  • Increased bottom-lines: Outsourcing call center services can help in increasing the profits of your business. In fact call center outsourcing can enhance your business, in terms of quality, performance and productivity.
  • Save on resources: By outsourcing call center services, you can save manpower and infrastructure. Without investing in training costs or costly software & you can utilize your resources for core business processes and experience profits.
  • Specialized skills: Outsourcing call center services can help you get access to the specialized skills of experienced professionals to generate revenue and quality production.
  • Get access to multiple digital engagement platforms: Those days are gone where call center operations solely depended on phone calls. Today, they provide multi-channel support system and provide touch points across all digital mediums such as email, web chat, IVR touchtone, social media, SMS, Smartphone application, IVR speech, video chat and more. It is this holistic approach by call center outsourcing vendors that is driving many enterprises to look for an external service provider. Moreover, businesses that provide multi-channel support enjoy twice the customer satisfaction year on year. It is highly impossible to get this kind of advantage in-house at a competitive price point. It's been more than 20 years that enterprises started outsourcing their call center operations to an offshore location and the growth seems to continue rapidly on a positive trend.
  • Cost Reduction: There is a high internal operating cost and less than optimal call center agent productivity at many enterprises that is turning the tide in favor of outsourcing. In fact, offshoring call center operations to countries like India, Philippines etc, can save close to 50% of operating cost. Today, call center outsourcing is about cost cutting/saving money.
  • Addresses rising customer support demands: Now a days customers are demanding round the clock support anytime for assistance and setting up an in-house call center operation is both time consuming and it’s very costly. But the call center service providers have the ability to deliver the customer service 24/7 support to our customers via our rotational shifts skilled professionals who works 24/7 to provide complete customer support.
  • Addresses peak volume overflow: Enterprises unable to handle peak volume overflow. Which is resulting in unsatisfactory customer services. By outsourcing to your call center services to external locations we will ensure that your customers’ problems will be resolved via our excellent customer service support 24/7 dedicated to your clients.

Our Essential features of call center operations include:

  • Hoster IVR: An interactive voice response system is must for any busy call center, especially when there are several departments. The IVR system allows you to customize greetings, prompts and menus, so that customers can easily be routed to the desired department, eliminating the need for multiple transfers and the customer frustration that often results. A hosted IVR helps provides simple and easy solution to our customers to make them happy.
  • Automatic Call Distributor: An ACD is a system that can be used effectively to manage all incoming calls using a database of predetermined identifiers, instructions, and call volume. A proper ACD provides the call center with automatic customer/caller identification, typically through the number the call is coming from. An ACD system helps to improve average handle time, call duration, and queue time by easily matching customers with agents to answer their inquiries. This increases efficiency by not having agents lobby on who is taking on which call.
  • Customized Call Queues: A customized call queue can be configured to play music, provide customers with interesting and important information, or simply permit customers know how long they should expect to wait. The queue can also give customers the option to leave a message or receive an automatic call back option.
  • Scripting: Having a scripting capabilities is very important to your business and agent confidence. Without prescribed scripting, you are purely relying on agents retaining all the information they learn within their onboarding time. Scripts plays vital role in any call center which helps the agents to follow a proper channel of communication in a sequence manner which defines the quality of a call.
  • LMS: An effective learning management system properly engages and trains our new call center agents, helping to make sure they have the capability to perform their jobs properly. A good LMS also serves to reduce employee turnover and increase the efficiency.
  • Historical and Real Time Reporting: Call center managers are responsible to collect data and review to see how call center operations are performing and to properly gauge all agents and department performance. With historical or real time reporting, you can always see the parameters that matter most to your business whenever you need them. By taking advantage of the tools, call centers can continually improve their operations, providing helpful and efficient service to our clients in a quality manner.

Our Call Center Quality Assurance best practices

To ensure that our agents are handling calls with perfection, every agent is monitored regularly and given performance evaluations weekly.

Through the use of our web tool Connection Quality Monitoring, associates are able to monitor calls, complete monitoring forms, provide agent feedback on live calls and analyze results.

  • Performance Checks: It is important that every agent on the production floor follows the assigned quality metrics on calls to ensure we deliver quality customer care services via our strict performance evaluation metrics in place.
  • Call Monitoring: Dedicated QA agents regularly monitors calls on the productions floor to ensure that every agent is strictly following the prescribed script and the quality metrics on the calls.
  • Call Barging: This happens more often with agents that they cannot keep up high expectations and cannot deliver the best quality service. This is because they have to deal with difficult customers i.e. frustrated/unhappy etc. The most efficient way to overcome this is by call barging and giving them a detailed feedback, as to how they could have improved the overall service experience for customers.
  • Live Coaching: When you recruit new agents, instead of giving them theoretical lessons, it would be more beneficial for them to learn practically on mock calls and trainings. Therefore, engage them in live conversations, live calls, mock call sessions, etc. This will motivate their confidence and equip them with better customer handling skills/customer service skills.
  • Training Sessions: Training agents via brush up sessions and weekly/monthly update training enhances the product knowledge of the agents. This is very important to always conduct huddle rounds/sessions/brush up trainings to make the floor live always. Make trainees engage on live training sessions/practical demos etc.
  • Get your Scripts Right: It is important that every agent sound confident and seem to know it all. Your customers can have a numerous questions when they call customer support. Thus, it is imperative that your agents are well aware about the entire process information. While training them, make sure that you emphasize enough on having great scripts for them to come handy, while answering customers’ questions.

Data Security

  • Data Security is subject to several types of audit standards and verification
  • The most common are PCI, HIPPA
  • Security Administrators are responsible for creating and enforcing a policy that forms to the standards that apply to their organizations business
  • Clients can also carry out audits before they begin doing business with the company to ensure that their data is secured to their standards.

Our Call Center Security Lifecycle…

The Fundamental requirements for call center security needs is an integrated security architecture designed, built, tested and deployed in compliance with security requirements. Security has to be designed into solutions then managed proactively to maintain business reliability and availability and to meet regulatory compliance. Our holistic solutions assess more than just your physical infrastructure we can provide the sophisticated set of solutions, management tools and services to meet your call center security requirements to protect confidential data of customers.

Our Call Center Security Infrastructure consists of:

  • Spam filter for Internet access & mail server
  • URL filtering application from surf control
  • Physical access controlled by biometric access control
  • VLAN based network (for different groups, processes, servers, etc.)
  • Data Access based on Layer 3 access lists for communication across VLANs
  • Restricted Internet Access based on Domain Authentication
  • Logging of Internet Access at user level
  • No Mail & Internet access at Agent’s desktops
  • Profile based Desktop access, which allows access to only required minimum applications. No data storage access at local machines.
  • Centralized server based storage.
  • File system access policy based on user authentication
  • With our proactive security management program in place, your business can gain immeasurably, we:
  • Minimize downtime caused by Security attacks, and thereby minimizing damage to your business, company brand, customer loyalty, company intellectual property and employee productivity
  • Make security incidents and crisis management decisions based on real-time
  • Prevent or minimize the global spread of security attacks
  • Capture internal information for security audits and regulatory compliance
  • Focus on business operations, not security incident recovery